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League of Legends teases the next support champion, Renata Glasc

Published: 20:08, 28 January 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Renata Glasc teaser
League of Legends - Renata Glasc teaser

League of Legends seems to be close to releasing the next support champion as Riot Games kicked off the marketing campaign for Renata Glasc.

Champion roadmaps from Riot Games give us a heads up on what we can look forward to in the relatively near future of the game and the latest one is all but finished. Zeri has already joined the roster and only two entries from the latest roadmap remain - Udyr VGU and the new support champion.

It appears that the support champion will be the first one to release since the marketing campaign for her has already started. The new support is named Renata Glasc and she hails from Zaun.

From the lore teased thus far , we know that she is the head of Glasc Industries that has been around for three decades. The company reached success in both Zaun and Piltover during that time and Renata is now looking to expand.

If you recall the notes from the champion roadmap, it was hinted she can influence the behaviour of enemies by either sending them to death or force them to do her bidding. Such mechanics are bound to shake up the way LoL is played but unfortunately, the new teaser doesn't have the details yet. It does have additional hints about her kit, such as the potential to evolve in two different playstyle lines.

Keep in mind we are just taking the hints from the context and nothing is set in stone until Riot officially reveals her skills but for the moment, it looks like she could work like League's equivalent of the Invoker from DotA, albeit with abilities that influence characters rather than rain elemental death upon them.

Riot Games League of Legends - Renata Glasc teaser League of Legends - Renata Glasc teaser

Additionally, Glasc Industries advert also mentions the company sells artificial limbs and if the image above is anything to go by, it appears Renata is wearing them as well.

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