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League of Legends fan gets Morde rework after years of lobbying

Published: 09:05, 13 June 2019
Riot Games
Splash art for Infernal Mordekaiser in League of Legends
League of Legends - Mordekaiser

Riot Games have recently reworked Mordekaiser in League of Legends, making just about everyone happy to have his bugs gone. They made some fans happier though since one has been lobbying for two years to get the iron goliath's rework.

Mordekaiser was always one of the most controversial characters in League of Legends for two reasons - he was tough to balance and had enough bugs to rival any Bethesda game. This resulted in Morde being included in the Juggernaut rework where his abilities got altered functionality, along with Garen and Darius.

This infamous update made Morde slightly more broken than a pencil in a grinder. Mace of Spades could one shot champions, he had enough shields and healing to never die and his ultimate would steal the opposing team's AD carry - he truly lived up to the good old "Mordekaiser es numero uno" meme.

Others remembered this incident as one of the four biggest instances of champion-induced PTSD, along with , and infinitely stacking that initially had healing stacks and could be exploited by auto attack heavy junglers such as Master Yi, Shyvana, Udyr or once again - Warwick.

As a result, Riot nerfed Mordekaiser until he dropped to lower tiers where barely anyone would play him and one fan was waiting for about four years for their favourite champion to get fixed. Two years after the set of nerfs that rained upon Morde, this particular fan made an account named on Reddit as a sign of protest and to lobby for the champion's update.

The account was created on 30 June 2017 and just short of the account's second year cake day, on 12 June 2019, Riot Games rolled out the patch 9.12 that included a completely reworked Mordekaiser.

Riot Games Picture of Mordekaiser splash art in League fo Legends League of Legends - Mordekaiser

With Mordekaiser rework going live, there was no need for the account to go on and the owner decided it was time to . The new Morde looks interesting in his own right but it remains to be seen whether his fate will mirror that of his previous version.

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