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League of Legends Season 2020 gets a hype cinematic

Published: 15:57, 09 January 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends - Caitlyn
League of Legends - Caitlyn

Riot Games released the video aimed at hyping players up for Season 10 which will unfold over the course of 2020, featuring some of the well-known faces from the Rift. Meanwhile, some of us just want a base Caitlyn skin without the hat.

We don't hate hats here at AltChar, but there is just something cool about Caitlyn without a hat. Technically, Pulsefire skin fulfils this role already but it also changes the rest of her appearance. If we could only have a Hatless Caitlyn, it would be great. Now, not to derail any longer, the video features the song Warriors, which was already used in 2014 during the World Championship with Imagine Dragons doing the performance.

This time, it is covered by 2WEI and Edda Hayes in a bit more haunting and ominous tone. That said, it is by no means lesser than the original and the song is bound to be stuck in many players' minds for a while.

As for the contents of the video itself, we will try to dance around the spoilers but make sure you check it out below first. There are several odd occurrences that are ripe for meme production. For example, Sylas is chasing Demacian forces, apparently made exclusively of Helmet Bro clones, while accompanied by a bunch of Freljordian troops that look like Tryndamere wannabes.

Furthermore, Sylas blocks Garen's silence for some reason, but let's write that one off as creative liberty. What is weirder is that Malzahar's cooldowns were erased the moment Ezreal picked up Tear of the Goddess and he was swarmed with Voidlings. While that is nothing like the usual Summoner's Rift experience, Ezreal ulting a single minion totally restored our faith in Riot's depiction of League of Legends through cinematics.

One interesting detail from the cinematic is that Galio is shown in his regular size from the lore, not the normalised one that we see in the game. It would be fun to see him and Malphite throw a few punches. Also, shout out to the involuntary somersault guy at 1:02 time stamp.

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