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League of Legends - Riot Games Satisfied With Durability Update

Published: 09:42, 27 June 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Tahm Kench
League of Legends - Tahm Kench has reigned long enough

The durability update was the largest update to date, this season. But was it a success, or just something Riot Games cooked up for no reason? It seems, according to them, that it was the former.

In a recent Quick Gameplay Thoughts address to the player base, Riot explain their reasoning behind the durability update. Starting off with the question of why increase durability, instead of lowering damage?

"While assessing damage in League, we took a hard look at in-game systems like runes, items, and summoner spells to figure out which systems were most impacted by damage creep. We came to the consensus that the damage output of these systems altogether was too high, but that they were balanced relative to one another."

This means that to nerf damage across the board would put far more imbalance into the game, than increasing the overall durability of any given champion. After all, it would be easier to make a new balanced system, than remake the balance of an already precariously balanced one.

Riot Games League of Legends - Singed League of Legends - Singed


Furthermore, they say that the effects of the durability update are already being felt. The games last longer in comparison, which has been the goal Riot Games have tried to accomplish for two seasons now, without success.

One negative thing that can be pointed out is the imbalance of the game once the patch with the update went live. It was to be expected though, as the patch was far larger than even the preseason one, and most of the issues were taken care of.

what remains now is balancing off-meta picks such as ADC Tahm Kench or Dinged mid, which may take longer to do, as their place in the current meta is rock solid. At least until players devise counters for them.

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