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League of Legends EU vs NA Rift Rivals dates and teams revealed

Published: 21:27, 22 May 2019
Riot Games
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League of Legends - Rift Rivals 2019

League of Legends has just concluded MSI 2019 but the EU vs NA finals was not enough of the rivalry apparently. Rift Rivals event will pit the regions against each other on 27 June 2019 and will be held at the LCS Studio in Los Angeles.

Rift Rivals 2019 will go on for three days from 27 to 29 June 2019 and will feature three teams from each region, chosen by the same criteria.

North America's representatives will be Team Liquid, Team Solo Mid and Cloud 9 while the European side will have G2 Esports, Origen and Fnatic. Interestingly enough, the European teams are the first ones that ever had a repeat final in their region's history.

LCS Studio in Los Angeles will be the venue which may come as a surprise to some who expected the tournament to play out in Europe. Apparently, the European part of Riot Games is preparing for the Summer Split and the subsequent play-offs as well as the World Championship 2019 which will be held in Europe.

Since the LEC teams will have to fly to North America, their competition break following the tournament in order to prevent player fatigue, jet lag and whatnot.

While that move may help the LEC teams with the Summer Split of their competition, it will still put them at a major disadvantage before the World Championship 2019. LEC Summer Split will conclude two weeks later than the other regions' regular seasons, meaning the teams will have to forego two weeks of either vacation or preparation for the main event of the year.

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G2's PerkZ and it's quite possibly many other players are too - the season is already loaded with tournaments and flying to a different continent for a bit of region rivalry does seem a bit off, especially when the LEC Summer Split and World Championship 2019 are on the line.

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