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League of Legends Renata Glasc W ability will likely get nerfed

Published: 08:28, 12 February 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Admiral Renata Glasc
League of Legends - Admiral Renata Glasc

Outrage at Renata Glasc's design comes not from her ultimate ability, but there Bailout's revive mechanic. The developers say that this, however, is not the primary use of the ability

We've all had our fair share of experience when it comes to mechanics or metas in League of Legends that make playing the game anything but a fun experience. It all started with the wind-wall mechanic, moving on to untargetability, and not we have the revive fad.

Renata Glasc's W ability is called Bailout, and it gives her allies a movement and attack speed buff, that resets upon getting a takedown. Should her ally be killed while under the effect of this ability, they are instantly revived with 3 seconds of burning health, during which they can be revived completely if they participate in an enemy takedown.

It's worth mentioning that, unlike Akshan's revive and that of the former Chemtech Drake soul, champions are not considered dead upon the first, temporary revive, and give no gold until their final demise after they've not achieved a takedown.

Riot Games League of Legends - Renata Glasc teaser League of Legends - Renata Glasc teaser

Developers say that the player focus on the reviving part of this ability was not intended. The primary focus is the stat buff the ability gives, so in order to shift the usage of this ability into more proactive territory, while giving enemies a chance for counterplay, they will nerf the duration of the time window in which a full revive can be achieved.

It's an interesting move on Riot's part, seeing as they've implemented a mechanic on a champion that they had just removed from the game entirely, in a different form. However, if the changes to this ability are done right, with the revive part of it being nerfed and the stat boost being buffed, we can see this ability being a healthier part of the game, overall.

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