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League of Legends remaining skins in 2020 leak online

Published: 22:02, 06 November 2020
Riot Games
Splash art for Nemesis Jax showing his violet outfit with golden metal armor pieces, white cape and a huge bludgeon.
League of Legends - Jax is getting his Spear of Shojin again

Riot Games announced League of Legends would receive more skins in 2020 than in any other year and they delivered most of them but the remainder leaked ahead of time.

Streamie, the same person that has leaked a ton of League of Legends stuff before, such as Lilia, Yone, Seraphine and the entirety of Spirit Blossom event, has now revealed the remainder of skins that will be released in the game before 2020 runs out.

Some of the skins on the list have already been released, giving the leak even more credibility. These include Victorious Lucian, Battlecast Zac and Nasus, Resistance Jayce, Yorick and Singed.

It now appears that Riot Games plans to release 24 more skins before the year's end, across five different skin lines.

  • Slay Belle:
    • Slay Belle Caitlyn
    • Slay Belle Lux
    • Slay Belle Nunu
    • Slay Belle Lulu
  • Silent Night:
    • Silent Night Sylas
    • Silent Night Jhin
    • Silent Night Janna
    • Silent Night Kayn
  • Elderwood:
    • Elderwood Azir
    • Elderwood Ivern
    • Elderwood Illaoi
    • Elderwood Ornn
    • Elderwood Nautilus
  • Gem Heart:
    • Ruby Heart Diana
    • Ruby Heart Diana Prestige
    • Amethyst Heart Akali
    • Diamond Heart Riven
    • Emerald Heart Samira
    • Sapphire Heart Leona
    • Spinel Heart Katarina
  • Dryad:
    • Dryad Soraka Prestige

League of Legends - showcase of several champion splash arts

  • Image: 1 / 10
A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
League of Legends

Slay Belle and Silent Night skins are obviously themed after New Year and Christmas celebrations so expect them in the latter part of December 2020.

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