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League of Legends Red Bull Solo Q challenge is coming to North America

Published: 05:54, 07 August 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends - Alistar
League of Legends - Alistar

Riot Games and Red Bull's partnership is extending into North America as USA and Canada are getting regional qualifiers for the massive 1v1 tournament.

Red Bull Solo Q is a 1v1 tournament for amateur players that is now coming to US and Canada with online qualifiers for both countries. It follows the usual 1v1 rules where the winner is decided by first blood, farming up 100 minions or killing the opponent's turret.

However, the games are played on Summoner's Rift in the top lane rather than being on Howling Abyss or a dedicated 1v1 map.

Access to the qualifiers can be gained by purchasing one of the limited edition Red Bull Solo Q cans which will have a code on the tab. Starting on August 31, 2020, the code will unlock leaderboard access for Solo Q, a summoner icon and other, currently unrevealed, perks. You can recognise these cans by images of Alistar or Yasuo on them.

This is an international event, not limited to a single region and the sheer size of it will make the games go on for months. While the NA qualifiers are the most recent, they are coming after a long line of regional tournaments that decide who proceeds to the next round.

As such, Red Bull Solo Q is set to wrap up on December 6, eight months after it initially started all the way in April 2020. 

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Covid-19 hasn't impacted it that much due to the tournament's online nature. You can read more and join the official Discord through the official Solo Q website .

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