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League of Legends preseason is making ADCs less played than jungle

Published: 00:35, 07 December 2021
Riot Games
League of Legends Arcana Jinx is darker than the usual fare
League of Legends Arcane Jinx is darker than the usual fare

We all know that the support role is not a glamorous one, and not a lot of players are queueing up to play it. But now the ADCs have joined the ranks of supports, at least when it comes to how much demand there is for the role.

WIth the marksmen being professional play-oriented class, faster-paced, and faster-paced soloq games and a burstier and burstier soloq META didn't do good for the class and it finally happened. On the League of Graphs website, the statistics show that the bot lane attack damage carry is now the second least popular role in the game, just after the support role.

This means that the duo lane that is the bot lane is now the place League of Legends players avoid the most.

Of course, who can blame them? The support role has always been one that players shy away from, due to its low carry potential, Corejj being the exception rather than the rule, and impact to the game that must be achieved via teammates, which is a nightmare in a soloq scenario.

Riot Games League of Legends - Caitlyn League of Legends - Old Caitlyn

What made ADCs almost obsolete now is the fact that the META has moved towards damage. They are no longer necessary to bring down tanks and drain tanks, and their job has been taken up by the rest of the team, while they themselves serve just as moneybags for assassins and burst mages.

Hopefully, League of Legends will find a way to solve the power creep that has wormed its way into the game and slow down the pacing of an average game, which they seem to be trying to accomplish via the new bounty system.

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