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Jax's Counterstrike bug fix didn't work in League of Legends patch 8.4

Published: 09:42, 27 February 2018
Riot Games
Splash art for Jax from League of Legends. His outfit is violet and his weapon is a lamp post.
League of Legends - Jax won't be as annoying anymore, with the Divine Sunderer nerfs, hopefully

League of Legends bugs are often of the funny kind and other times they're made funny by the community. In this case, the super top laner Hashinshin made the Counterstrike bug into a meme. A less funny fact is that it's not fixed yet.

Hashinshin is an ardent Jax main and when things don't go the Grandmaster at Arms' way, he gets angry. When he gets angry, hilariousness ensues as evidenced in the video above. Over the course of two weeks it has grown into a full fledged meme in League of Legends community and even Riot Games adopted it.

In this case Hashinshin's outrage was triggered when Fiora managed to hit him even though his Counter Strike was triggered and all attacks were supposed to be dodged. As his reaction quickly rose in popularity, it caught attention of Riot Games who quickly fixed it, and even dedicated a portion of patch notes to Hashinshin's line.

Riot Games Screenshot of League of Legends patch notes showing the supposed Counterstrike fix. League of Legends patch 8.4 notes - Counterstrike

It was all good fun, even though Hashinshin had some strong words pointed towards Riot Games in his fit of rage. Considering his reputation though, Riot probably knew not to take him too serious as he is known to be a source of memes and not too often a serious critic.

Fast forward to the present, there weren't more complaints about Counter Strike from Hashinshin but a redditor named Lakixs  another bug with it earlier today. In this the malfunctioning Counter Strike allowed him to win a duel against Jax and he could easily pocket his gold and keep silent about it in hopes of exploiting the issue further. However, he took the high road and reported in on reddit. Kudos.

Riot Games Splash art for Nemesis Jax showing his violet outfit with golden metal armor pieces, white cape and a huge bludgeon. League of Legends - At least Nemesis Jax has a real weapon.

The issue Lakixs reported might be of different nature though, as the problem wasn't Counter Strike's wind up animation but Aatrox's special auto attack effect. His W was toggled for extra damage and it seems that is the only damage portion that went through Jax's dodge but it was enough to kill him.

Similar bugs have happened in the past, such as Teemo's blind not stopping Nasus' Q or Xin Zhao's knock up but they are usually short lived as Riot normally patches them through hotfixes.

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