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League of Legends patch brings Death Recap & ally chat options

Published: 18:08, 12 July 2019
Riot Games
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League of Legends is less than pleasant place most of the time for players who are not used to online toxicity and Riot Games are giving them more options to deal with it in patch 9.14 along with the overhauled Death Recap feature.

League of Legends already features an interface option that lets players remove "All" chat from their view in order to avoid potential toxicity the enemy team could hurl their way. However, there is currently no such option for team chat and we all know what happens when your Yasuo goes 0/7/1.

There are equal chances of your team flaming Yasuo, Yasuo flaming them even if they didn't say anything or Yasuo flaming you regardless of whether he was in a flame war with the rest of the teammates or not, even if you took no part in it.

Patch 9.14 is already the stuff of dreams with certain features that are getting overhauled, but more on that later. It will get even better though, with changes that were previously not on PBE. Mark "RiotScruffy" Yetter, recently that players will get an option to disable team chat just like they can already disable "All" chat.

This will benefit two types of people the most - those who don't like toxicity in the game and would rather limit communication to pings and those who regularly use "/mute all" chat command.

Either way, it should prove to be a good way to get rid of toxicity among teammates, even though some of us were fine with just muting individuals so far. The more options, the better, right?

Anyway, the feature overhaul I mentioned earlier is the new Death Recap that should prove to be superior to the one we have in every way imaginable.

Riot Games Picture of the Neon Strike Vi skin in League of Legends League of Legends - Neon Strike Vi

It will provide more insight into what did most of the damage, allowing players to properly itemise for the coming fights. Furthermore, it will no longer show ridiculous things like minions doing 568 damage with Death Sentence while Thresh's card is blank.

Patch 9.14 will go live on 17 July 2019.

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