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League of Legends patch 9.14 to deploy one week later than usual

Published: 19:36, 26 June 2019
Riot Games
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Riot Games usually stick to a two-week patch cycle but three-week cycles happen now and then. League of Legends patch 9.14 will be caught by one of those cycles but it is not really weird to see since it will bring major content updates.

League of Legends patch 9.14 will probably take one week longer due to the updates to the client and death recap. Technically, Riot Games didn't specify when they would deploy the new client but they did state they are gradually adding new things to the existing client and preparing it for the transition to Chromium.

Once it goes live, it should provide a massive cut in patching and loading time on top of new features such as staying logged in and two-factor authentication.

On the other hand, they did confirm the new death recap is highly likely to arrive with 9.14. League of Legends already benefits from some of the upcoming changes since the feature is more accurate on live servers now than it was before.

Furthermore, the colour changes have already been applied so don't worry if magic and physical damage numbers look a bit off - you're not suffering a vision loss.

Once the full update for the death recap goes live, however, we will see it in the overhauled interface along with some new statistics.

For example, it will add more clarity to the indicator that shows the types of damage you took, show a clear physical and magic damage split by percentage from each enemy that killed you and even the duration of hard crowd control that was applied on your champion prior to its demise.

Riot Games Picture of Teemo being a Satan League of Legends - Little Devil Teemo

You can preview all the changes on the video above at the 6:03 timestamp.

As a result of the patch cycle change, the next Public Beta Environment (PBE) is scheduled for 1 July 2019 instead of happening one week earlier which was the previous schedule.

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