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League of Legends Patch 12.6 All Champion Buffs and Nerfs Preview

Published: 06:53, 24 March 2022
Riot Games
Splash art for Nemesis Jax showing his violet outfit with golden metal armor pieces, white cape and a huge bludgeon.
League of Legends - Jax is getting his Spear of Shojin again

It took a month, but patch 12.6 is finally around the corner, after Riot's break this month. Here are all the buffs, nerfs and adjustments that we can expect with the patch.

After patch 12.5, Riot Games announced that they were taking a break and that it would take a month for patch 12.6 to get to live servers. As patch 12.5, and the subsequent 12.5b were both small patches meant for damage control, we could expect 12.6 to be a bigger one, and it does not disappoint.

In League of Legends patch 12.6, Riot Games are targeting the following champions with buffs:

  • Azir,
  • Darius,
  • Jax,
  • Nidalee.

Aside from Jax, these champions needed just a bit of that extra boost to worm their way into the meta. The base damage Riot are giving to Jax, as well as his increased base health, though, will likely catapult him into the upper reaches of the top lane meta.

Aside from the buffs, Riot are nerfing two champions in patch 12.6:

  • Tryndamere,
  • Hecarim

Riot Games Picture of Rengar, a high burst champion in League of Legends League of Legends - Rengar

With both of these champions dominating their respective roles and Tryndamere even taking on the mid-lane role, it was about time for Riot to take some countermeasures against them.

Additionally, in patch 12.6, Rengar is getting an adjustment, which is more of a buff than anything else. While his quality of life abilities are taking a bit of a hit, forcing new players to double down on learning his mechanics properly, those players that main Rengar will be happy to see his damage scaling get buffed, with his Q ability now always counting as a critical strike.

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