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League of Legends patch 12.6 All Champion Buffs and Nerfs

Published: 05:57, 30 March 2022
League of legends champion Darius, God-king skin splash
God-King Darius

The wait took a while, but patch 12.6 is finally here after a whole month of the game stagnating on patch 12.5. SO, what are the changes we've got in store for this patch?

Compared to patch 12.5, patch 12.6 is much larger in size. Still, for a patch that has been in the making for the last month, there is a lot to be desired.

Still, changes are changes, and this patch has some interesting ones regarding champion buffs and nerfs. The champions getting nerfed in patch 12.6 are:

  • Hecarim,
  • Tryndamere.

The developers have stated that the tank Hecarim build has been showing too much dominance currently, and for that reason, some of his base stats are being nerfed, such as the damage to his Q ability.

As for Tryndamere, due to his overpowering presence in the high levels of play, and benefiting from Ability Haste like no other champion, Riot are increasing the base cooldown of his E and Ultimate abilities, to counteract the Ability Haste he gets from items.

Riot Games League of Legends - Barbarian King Tryndamere League of Legends - Barbarian King Tryndamere

When it comes to buffs, there is more of those in this patch:

  • Azir,
  • Darius,
  • Jax,
  • Nidalee.

These champions have been lagging behind in terms of power in a meta that should, if not favor them, at least be on their side. For that reason, Riot are buffing their early game damage, to be able to compete with other champions and get to the late game where they shine.

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