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League of Legends Patch 12.11 Nerfs Olaf Top Lane

Published: 23:13, 07 June 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Olaf
League of Legends - Olaf

Patch 12.11 is here to make small, or not so small, changes that are needed to balance out the upheaval created with the durability update. Olaf is part of the big ones.

Ever since his mid-scope update, or rather his mini rework, Olaf has been dominating the Rift all across the board. However, once the durability update went live with patch 12.10, Olaf has been nigh unstoppable in the top lane role, due to how difficult it has become to punish anyone early.

With his base stats and scaling, though, Olaf has become the best of both worlds, and devs are taking him down a peg:

  • Passive maximum Life Steal value threshold increased.
  • Q damage increased, minimum recast time decreased.
  • W cooldown increased late.
  • R passive armor and MR decreased.

Here is what the developers had to say on the matter:

"With the combination of the Durability Update and his mid-scope, Olaf was living up to his berserker fantasy a little too much, especially up in top lane. We're pulling back on some of his bonus stats and making him less tanky late game in exchange for more jungle clear efficiency to give jungle Olafs some needed help."

Riot Games LEague of Legends - Illaoi League of Legends - Illaoi


Though we are unsure just how much help jungle Olaf needed, as its perhaps some perspective bias due to the comparison to his top lane role, we will take the nerfs aimed at his top lane domination any day of the week.

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