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League of Legends patch 11.24 balance targets revealed

Published: 16:17, 30 November 2021
Riot Games
League of Legends champion Lucian
League of Legends devs are not above admitting others have made better match history websites

One of the League of Legends game designers has revealed the balance targets for the upcoming update 11.24. The patch will include changes to multiple system adjustments.

Preseason has brought multiple changes to the game of League of Legends which usually break the game for a couple of weeks and players have to wait for the right patch to drop.

The official League of Legends game development Twitter account has revealed the balance targets for the upcoming patch 11.24. Unlike most patches, 11.24 will include only two champions on its balance targets list. Ivern will recieve a buff and Camille will get nerfed.

The patch will include the following system buffs:

  • Archangel's Staff (Item)
  • Chemtech Mini Dragon Buff
  • Hextech Mini Dragon Buff
  • Conqueror (Rune)

Conqueror has been the most used keystone since its introduction a couple of sasons ago. However, the rune has seen a win rate and popularity decrese over the last couple of weeks. Once the meta stabilizes, Conqueror will most likely be back as the most popular rune in the game.

The following features will get nerfed:

  • Predator (Rune)
  • Chemtech Dragon Soul
  • Crown of the Shattered Queen (Item)
  • Cosmic Drive (Item)
  • Evenshroud (Item)
  • Frostfire Gauntlet (Item)
  • Glacial Augment (Rune)

League of legends champion Darius, God-king skin splash God-King Darius God-King Darius

Even though the Keystone Lethal Tempo has been dominating the current meta, Riot has revealed the rune will not recieve a direct nerf. The Chemtech Dragon Soul is probably one of the most broken change Riot has introduced in a while. Aquiring this Dragon Soul can completely change the outcome of the game and it's currently considered even stronger than the Elder Dragon buff. 

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