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League of Legends patch 10.8 changes have been revealed

Published: 22:35, 07 April 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends - Aphelios
League of Legends - Aphelios

Mark Yetter, a Riot Games' employee revealed the final changes we will most likely see in the 10.8 patch. It should be noted that while the changes are very specific - small modifications could still be made before the patch goes live.

After releasing the balance target list yesterday, Riot Games' lead gameplay designer, Mark Yetter, has now revealed all the specific changes targeting the champions. Some of the changes could really shake up the meta, especially in the bottom lane.

The buffs to the champions are as follows:

  • Urgot -  Corrosive Charge (Q) damage increased from 25-205 to 25-225; AD scaling increased from 0.7 to 0.8
  • Evelyn - Hate Spike (Q) damage increased from 25-35 to 30-50
  • Xayah - Bladecaller (E) damage falloff per feather changed from 10 to 5 per cent
  • Soraka - Base mana increased from 375 to 420; Starcall (Q) mana cost reduced from 60-80 to 45-65
  • Tristana - Bonus AD ration on Explosive Charge (E ) increased from 50-130 to 50-170 per cent
  • Ashe - Ranger's Focus (Q) attack speed increased from 20-40 t 20-60 per cent
  • Ryze - Base health increased by 5; AD increased by 1; movement speed when consuming two runes increased from 20-40 to 28-44 per cent
  • Orianna - Dissonance (W) speed and slow increased from 20-40 to 30-50 per cent, AP ration on Protect (E) increased from 0.4 to 0.5

Seems like we will see a rebalance of the current AD carry meta with champions like Senna, Aphelios, and Kalista getting nerfed while on the other side, Xayah and Tristana are getting tuned up.

Riot Games League of Legends - Senna Senna nerfs... again?

The nerf list contains a slightly bigger number of champions compared to the previous patch:

  • Sett - Haymaker (W) base damage reduced from 90-210 to 80-180
  • Master Yi -  Highlander (R) attack speed reduced from 30-80 to 25-65 per cent
  • Varus -  Chain of Corruption (R) cooldown increased from 110-70 to 130-70 seconds
  • Aphelios - Stat level bonus armor penetration reduced from 3-18 per cent to 2-12 flat
  • Kalista - Base armour lowered from 23 to 21, Rend slow reduced from 25-45 to 10-42 per cent
  • Senna - Senna mist drops percentage on minions slain reduced from 25 to 22 per cent

Also, the jungle changes will indirectly nerf early game junglers that tend to invade the enemy territory since dying to a level two gank won't feel as punishing as it currently is.

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