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League of Legends patch 10.5: Wukong rework still in progress, Your Shop returns

Published: 19:50, 20 February 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends - Wukong
League of Legends - Wukong

Riot Games recently released patch 10.4 in League of Legends and immediately updated PBE with the content that needs testing before possibly going out in 10.5. Wukong's rework got even more changes and fashionistas will be able to get more discounts.

Wukong's rework is proving more problematic than usual, with Riot having to update the champion's kit several times during the testing cycle. These are not simple number tuning changes but mechanic ones as well.

Originally, Wukong's rework entailed a new passive when it was originally added to PBE . It would give him a shield after leaving the enemies' sight for one second or longer. However, over the course of a month and several PBE cycles, this passive was sort of reverted to what he has on live servers now. 

The increased magic resistance for being surrounded by enemies was removed and the armour bit was reworked into five plus an additional one each level. Stone Skin also received a sustain bonus where Wukong regenerates one per cent health every five seconds. Both of these bonuses are quadrupled when there are three or more enemies nearby.

Crushing Blow (Q) will still work the same as on live servers except the numbers got shifted around to make it more spammable and do somewhat less damage. The cooldown also gets reduced by half a second each time Wukong or the clone hits an enemy.

Speaking of the clone, Warrior Trickster (W) will remain largely the same as it was on PBE - it's not a short dash that turns Wukong invisible and spawns a clone. It remains in place but auto attacks enemies instead of being idle.

Nimbus Strike (E) functionally remains the same as on live servers, with some number adjustments.

Cyclone (R), however, received a major change. Instead of having Wukong spin for four seconds straight, it can now be cast twice, each time getting two seconds worth of spinning. If a target was knocked up by the first spin, it will be immune to the same CC effect on the second spin.

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Keep in mind that the volatility of the rework still might mean it's not coming in patch 10.5 but at least Your Shop is. If you didn't pay attention to its previous incarnations, the shop will open seven champion skin offers at various discounts. They are based on the champions most played recently on the account.

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