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League of Legends patch 10.4 brings Soraka nerf and Blood Moon skins

Published: 03:45, 06 February 2020
Riot Games
Picture of League of Legends champion Master Yi
League of Legends: Master Yi

Soraka became a headache once again. This time it's bad enough that she became viable in top lane but this should change with League of Legends patch 10.4 which will also bring new skins for Tryndamere, Katarina and Master Yi.

League of Legends tosses a curveball to its players every once in a while. This time around, it ended up making the top lane a massive snooze fest as Soraka invaded the part of the map that is otherwise normally a boxing match between two bloodthirsty players. She became an immovable object that would just heal up everyone on the map instead of focusing on lane objectives.

Unfortunately, this boring part of Soraka will not be touched in patch 10.4 but Riot are looking to kill her solo lane potential. Damage from Starfall (Q) will now only deal 60 per cent of total spell damage to minions, making her wave clear potential rather poor so enemy laners will now stand a chance if they want to push the top objective or grab top priority in order to secure Rift Herald.

Amumu will get some early and mid-game power back as cooldowns for his Bandage Toss will be eight seconds at all ranks. Furthermore, his ultimate cooldown on ranks one and two will be slashed by 20 and 10 seconds, respectively. Therefore, he should be able to engage much more often even if he doesn't rush 40 per cent cooldown reduction in the early stages of a match.

As for the fashionistas, Riot Games folks are bringing them three new Blood Moon skins. One each for Katarina, Tryndamere and Master Yi. However, Master Yi's skin will get eight Chromas while Tryndamere and Katarina will be treated to three each.

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