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League of Legends patch 10.25 brings changes to 28 champions and 20 items

Published: 23:45, 30 November 2020
Updated: 23:48, 30 November 2020
Riot Games
Spirit Blossom Yasuo splash art - League of Legends
League of Legends may not be dying, but some its champions keep on doing only that

Mark Yetter, a Riot Games employee, revealed the balance targets for patch 10.25. A total of 28 champions and 20 items will get changed which will make this one of the large patches in terms of how many individual elements it will covers.

League of Legends' lead gameplay designer, Mark Yetter, took to  Twitter to reveal some new balance targets for the upcoming 10.25 patch. The specific changes aren't out yet, but we have a brief overview of what the new patch might be bringing to the rift.

These champions will get buffed in the upcoming patch:

  • Anivia
  • Pantheon Top
  • Talon
  • Warwick
  • Wukong (jungle)
  • Rengar (jungle)
  • Lulu
  • Taliyah
  • Twitch
  • Mordekaiser
  • Qiyana
  • Karthus
  • Nidalee
  • Lee Sin
  • Gragas
  • Ivern
  • Nasus
  • Seraphine (mid)
  • Yasuo
  • Yone

Riot Games League of Legends - Wukong Wukong jungle is back?

The list of items that will receive nerfs this patch is as follows:

  • Kayle
  • Kayn
  • Fizz
  • Morgana (mid)
  • Annie
  • Galio
  • Samira
  • Jhin

Riot Games Picture of Kayle's splash art in League of Legends Kayle has been a late game powerhouse

Items that will get buffed in the next patch include:

  • Immortal Shieldbow
  • Galeforce
  • Kraken Slayer
  • Rapidfire Cannon
  • Infinity Edge
  • Bandleglass Mirror - cost down from 1050 to 950 gold
  • Imperial Mandate - cost down
  • Moonstone Renewer - cost down
  • Shurelia's Battlesong - cost down
  • Locket of the Iron Solari - cost down
  • Zeke's Convergence
  • Luden's Tempest - Ability Haste increased from 10 to 20; Magic pen. increased from 10-6
  • Everfrist - Ability haste increased from 10-20

Riot Games Splash art for Soulstealer Vayne in green and dark tones of blue. Kraken Slayer buffs? Vayne approves.

The balance team decided to nerf the following items:

  • Sunfire Aegis
  • Frostfire Gauntlet
  • Turbo Chemtank
  • Seekers Armguard
  • The Collector
  • Muramana
  • Lethality on ranged champions

The long-awaited shop scaling feature will finally get added and players will have the option to adjust the size of the shop window to their preferences.

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