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League of Legends patch 10.12 changes revealed, including Yasuo and Akali

Published: 20:25, 02 June 2020
Updated: 20:51, 02 June 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends - Yasuo splash art
Yasuo mains won't be happy with this one

League of Legends patch 10.11 will bring some very interesting changes including a significant Yasuo nerf. Moreover, the buff to Akali could be the final push to bring her back in the meta.

After releasing the balance target list yesterday, Riot Games' lead gameplay designer, Mark Yetter, has now tweeted about the specific changes targeting the champions for patch 10.12.

The list of champions that will receive nerfs this patch is as follows:

  • Yasuo - base HP lowered from 523 to 490, passive shield increased from 110-510 to 130-530, Windwall (W) cooldown increased from 26-18 to 30-18 seconds
  • Cassiopeia - base HP lowered from 575 to 560, base armour reduced from 20 to 18, base magic resistance increased from 30 to 34
  • Trundle - Frozen Domain (W) movement speed reduced from 30-50 to 20-52 per cent
  • Fiddlesticks -  Bountiful Harvest (W) minion damage reduced from 60 to 50 per cent
  • Varus - AD per level lowered from 3.11 to 3, Piercing Arrow (Q) total AD ratio reduced from 1.1 (1.65 at max charge) to 1 (1.5 at a max charge)

Riot Games League of Legends - Fiddlesticks Riot went a bit overboard with the recent buffs to Fiddlesticks

The buffs to the champions are as follows:

  • Akali -  Five Point Strike (Q) damage increased from 25-125 (+65 per cent AD and +60 per cent AP) to 30-130 (+65 per cent AD and +65 per cent AP)
  • Brand - mana restore on a blazed kill increased from 6-18 to 10-30
  • Volibear -  Thundering Smash (Q) damage increased from 10-30 to 15-35 per cent, Sky Splitter (E) bonus damage increased from 60-180 to 80-200, percent damage increased from 7-13 to 11-15 per cent
  • Senna - Soul generation on kill increased from 2 to 8.33 per cent, attack speed ratio increased from 0.2 to 0.34
  • Xayah - Feather Storm (R) damage increased from 100-200 to 125-375
  • Viktor -  Siphon Power (Q) auto attack AP ratio increased from 55 to 60 per cent, shield AP ratio increased from 15 to 20 per cent
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