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League of Legends' Pantheon keeps the Man Drop through rework

Published: 16:59, 05 August 2019
Riot Games
Pantheon's new splash art in League of Legends
League of Legends - Pantheon

Pantheon, one of the last remaining pizza-feet champions in League of Legends is about to get his much-needed rework. It will add new things like Spartan kick and helmet removal but keep some iconic parts such as the famous Man-Drop.

Riot Games are going to unleash the new Pantheon on Runeterra on 14 August 2019 with patch 9.16, barring any major setbacks. That would leave only Udyr and maybe Amumu in that state, at least from the top of my mind.

Pantheon's appearance has been vastly improved in general, as you may have expected, featuring completely new animations, models, textures and visual effects.

This is probably what allowed Riot to finally let us see the flying man's face, almost an entire decade after the champion had been introduced on 2 February 2010.

League's manliest champion now sports a glorious beard, thick Greek accent and a Mohawk his own helmet would be envious of. So far, it has only been displayed during Pantheon's recall animation.

Another important addition is Riot's persistent wish to stay true to the 300-like depiction of Pantheon, this time around by giving him the "well kick" or "Spartan kick" animation. It triggers on critical hits and should provide some funny moments, should someone build 100 per cent crit chance.

In case you are not familiar with the scene from Zack Snyder's movie, it is the one where Gerard Butler Xerxes' messenger into a seemingly bottomless pit after the latter insulted Cersei.

Just like with any other rework, some of the older iconic things had to go, such as Pantheon's distinct red cape and his profession joke but his stayed.

Some stayed though, such as his ultimate, the iconic "Man-Drop". It doesn't work entirely the same way as before since he now has a brief charge after landing, following Mantheon's jump into the heavens. It is hard to gauge if it will manage to serve as many silly situations as the old ulti, like in the video above.

The lore of the spear-wielding tower diver has been changed too. Slightly, but significantly. He is no longer a host to the celestial Aspect but there is an acknowledgement that he was, at some point in time. 

If you are interested in Pantheon's new abilities and scaling, you can check the neat roundup Moobeat prepared on .

League of Legends - showcase of several champion splash arts

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