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League of Legends Pantheon Buffs in Patch 12.7

Published: 06:02, 14 April 2022
Riot Games
Pantheon's new splash art in League of Legends
League of Legends - Pantheon

Fearing Pantheon because he is a man, has not been going well for the champion lately. To remedy this, Riot are giving his kit some minor changes in patch 12.7.

Pantheon hasn't been living up to his Spartan spirit, say Riot Games, so they are sharpening his spear to make him feel more like the paragon of Rakkor warriors.

Skilled Pantheon players should now be able to showcase their strength with more timely ults, more maneuverable shields, and better trading tools, as with patch 12.7 Riot have given him a few minor, but impactful changes:

  • Base health regeneration: 9 to 7.5
  • Q - Comet Spear
    • Tap Q length: 550 units to 600 units
    • Tap Q width: 150 units to 120 units
  • E - Aegis Assault
    • Pantheon is no longer slowed if moving backward while E - Aegis Assault is active
  • R - Grand Starfall
    •  Pantheon now crashes down on his destination 0.25 seconds sooner

Riot Games League of Legends champion Pantheon - Pulsefire Pantheon skin League of Legends - Pantheon

With all of these changes, Pantheon will pose a problem to those champions that he was unable to burst previously nor win a trade with, as his Q now gives him the ability to trade with them more effectively.

In addition, his ultimate should now, in theory, be more than a glorified and weaker version of the teleport summoner spell, and instead will allow him to actually hit enemy champions while giving them less time to get out of the way of his landing.

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