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League of Legends' Origen brand will be merged into Astralis

Published: 02:37, 17 September 2020
Astralis Group

Astralis Group recently announced that they will unify their brands soon and that includes Origen from League of Legends, that was founded more than half a decade ago.

Enrique "xPeke" Cedeño Martínez was a highly successful mid laner during his time but the newer generations of League of Legends players probably know him best for backdooring SK Gaming. Doing such crazy game-changing stunts does bear his moniker to this day, after all.

Upon leaving Fnatic, he founded Origen and immediately found success after taking the debuting team to World Championship 2015 where they made it to semifinals. The team was defeated by SKT T1, who would ultimately win the tournament.

Fast forward to 2019, Origen gets acquired by RFRSH Entertainment and things start being shaky. After a season of mixed success, 2020 marked the end of Origen as a brand after the team failed to qualify for World Championship that year.

On September 11, 2020, another subsidiary of RFRSH Entertainment - Astralist Group, announced that all the associated teams would be unified under the Astralis brand and that includes Origen. Besides Origen, the FIFA roster of Future FC will also be renamed. 

The official statement keeps repeating that the goal of establishing Astralis as a leading brand in esports is the reason why the merger happened and it was chosen because it is the most recognisable one in the community.

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One could argue that Origen was also easily recognisable but the past two years haven't been the best in their history, which is probably why the owners are stepping away from the brand.

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