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League of Legends Olaf Mini Rework Has Been Confirmed

Published: 06:12, 30 March 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Olaf
League of Legends - Olaf

Getting back the shine to some, relatively, old champions is one the best things Riot have been doing in the past years. Now, it seems that it's Olaf's turn.

Olaf is everyone's favorite madman. Due to a prophecy stating that he will die in his sleep, this mountain of a man travels the world, searching for a battle in which he can die. None have been satisfactory so far.

And, while his lore doesn't need any updates, just an expansion, his kit could do with some work. Luckily, Riot August has tweeted the following:

" We're beginning to ramp up work on "mid-scope updates". These are larger sets of changes for champions that can take a couple months to lock down. The recent Ahri and Janna adjustments are examples of work in this space. Mid-scopes for Taliyah and Olaf are currently in flight."

To refresh your memory, the last few examples of said mid-scope update, were given to Lucian, Sona, and Xin Zhao. Out of all of these only Lucian is not overpowered in this meta currently, and that is due to the champion's design just not fitting in with the meta, more than anything else.

Riot Games League of Legends champion Lucian Victorious Lucian

These changes attempt to revitalize characters that have lost a bit of their shine over time, and, ideally, they're something the players of those champions can be excited about! After all, their champions will be able to go toe to toe with the most modern champions in the game.

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