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League of Legends objective bounties are both overtuned and bugged

Published: 04:07, 18 November 2021
Riot Games
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To make sure you climb,, though, just pick one of the newer champions to main and abuse

Ah, preseason. A time of unrest and online arguments. This time, however, not only are there great changes to the game that are the issue but the fact that not even the changes are working as intended.

When it comes to League of Legends changes, especially the ones that happen in preseason, everyone becomes an expert. It doesn't matter if you're hardstuck silver, of the rank 1 player on your server, we all have our own piece of mind to say.

It is no different with the objective bounties. But, seeing as these have only been live for a bit more than one day now, we will hold off on commenting whether they are necessary or not, and just let time run its course.

What we will do, however, is focus on what players are reporting is happening in their games. We've all noticed that, in recent month or two, some abilities and interactions are not working as intended, which is not surprising when something as large as Arcane is happening. But what about when a very impactful game mechanic, such as these bounties, fails to do its job?

On Reddit, many users are reporting that objective bounties are being awarded to the team that is ahead in the game, giving the already fed players even more of an advantage. Riot have not denied this, and are calling for players to report cases such as these, so that they may work on a solution.

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As for the amounts generated by the bounties themselves, Riot confirm that these are prone to change, and will analyze games to fine-tune just how much each objective should be worth, and when.

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