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League of Legends' Nexus Blitz mode is slightly battle royale

Published: 16:48, 01 August 2018
Updated: 13:23, 24 September 2018
Riot Games
Picture of the new map made for Nexus Blitz in League of Legends
League of Legends - Nexus Blitz

Riot Games have introduced the new experimental game mode, Nexus Blitz, to public beta environment (PBE) in order to test it before going to live servers. First bits of gameplay are in, and it's kind of like Twisted Treeline battle royale.

Riot Games' Experimental Modes programme is an initiative to test out new game modes that seem feasible enough to keep as permanent game modes in League of Legends, rather than having them as time limited rotating ones. Nexus Blitz is the first of its kind and it looks rather fun, complete with unique items for it, a map and even its own killer circle like in battle royale games.

For example, it brings back some of the old loved and some infamous items, such as Atma's Impaler and Deathfire Grasp in order to shake things up a bit and avoid feeling stale by playing the same as Summoner's Rift. One might get a feeling of playing a Twisted Treeline match, just on a condensed Summoner's Rift map and with five people per team otherwise.

Nexus Blitz comes with another twist though - Bardle Royale. I kid you not, that's what they decided to call the event that spawns a fast tightening circle of death. Considering the irresistible pun, it's likely this was Phreak's doing.

Anyway, once the circle appears, it will keep contracting until one team gets aced. Those caught outside get candy and promoted to Challenger. No, they get obliterated. The surviving players get massive buffs, including shields slightly larger than Akali's hands.

Riot Games Splash art for Akali, after her rework by Riot Games League of Legends

The mode is of quick-fire nature, with matches lasting around 15 minutes, much like ARAM but Riot mentioned they wanted to give junglers something to do if they didn't feel like going to Summoner's Rift, as ARAM doesn't offer them an opportunity to play their favourite role. 

This seemed to be a major prick in Riot's behinds though, as the mode will apparently force one player on each side to pick Smite, effectively forcing them into the jungle. 

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