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League of Legends' next patch brings the Kayle and Morgana update

Published: 13:32, 05 March 2019
Updated: 13:14, 06 March 2019
Riot Games
Picture of Kayle and Morgana from the visual update promo image
League of Legends - Morgana and Kayle

Riot Games have released champion spotlights for Kayle and Morgana as the time for League of Legends patch 9.5 release is closing in fast. As always, the patch will feature balance changes as well as new skins, some of which may come later.

Kayle and Morgana are both getting a visual treatment, with Kayle getting a lot of love from Riot. This champion essentially offers Ultimate quality skins, regardless of how much her cosmetics cost. This is due to her innate ability to evolve through levels, changing appearance each time.

The angel-like creature's abilities have been overhauled, complete with new names and functions.

Kayle's W and R retained their previous functions for the most part but the ultimate has an added effect now. It can give invulnerability to both Kayle and one allied champion and do AoE damage to boot. You can preview her kit on the video above.

Morgana's update was extensive but not as much as Kayle's. She looks and sounds different now but there is no evolution-through-levels treatment.

On the other hand, her skins still remain beautiful, so the owners of those will likely not found their possessions to be "damaged". 

As far as Morgana's abilities go, they have only received visual effects for the most part as their functionality remains the same, for better or worse. Those who play Morgana hoped her legendary root will retain the three-second duration while those on the receiving end prayed it would be shortened. It remained the same.

The only major difference in Morgana's kit is that she now gains a movement speed bonus when moving towards chained enemies. 

Even Riot Games deemed her changes weren't worthy of a full champion spotlight episode, so they reduced this one to 46 seconds and Rivington hijacked the reveal mid-way through the video, as seen below.

Aside from the skin updates for both champions, Brand got his Arclight skin and Ahri is getting the Prestige Edition for her KDA skin. It's basically a fancy name for a Chroma. 

League of Legends - showcase of several champion splash arts

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League of Legends

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