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League of Legends MSI 2019 groups finished, semi-finals revealed

Published: 08:34, 15 May 2019
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League of Legends - MSI 2019

League of Legends' second biggest tournament of the season has concluded its group stage and semi-finals matchups are now known. The reigning world champion Invictus Gaming will take on Team Liquid while SKT T1 will clash with G2 Esports.

MSI 2019 group stage managed to provide a few surprises but it hardly posed problems for any betting people. Invictus Gaming were absolutely dominant, dropping only one game out of 10 in total but that is a story of its own. Their first match against SKT T1 was the in League of Legends' international tournament history but they got in return when the time for rematch came.

SKT T1 demonstrated that Korean dominance is gone and had a somewhat flimsy performance, barely managing to snag the #2 spot ahead of G2 who beat them twice. On the other hand, they did manage to take down Invictus who looked unbeatable until that point.

G2 Esports came out strong initially but then started dropping matches as if they were hot potatoes. Their kryptonite and an absolute wildcard proved to be Phong Vu Buffalo who finished last in the group but beat G2 in both matches. Only Invictus Gaming managed to pull that off.

Team Liquid were once again a target of high expectations from their fans and while they didn't perform abysmally, it seems like everyone's impression is that they did. TL managed to beat G2 Esports in one match, being the only team other than Invictus and PVB to do so.

Invictus Gaming wrapped up the group stage at the top and got to pick their semi-finals opponent, which will be Team Liquid. No one really expects the latter to go through as taking on Invictus is probably the hardest challenge of the tournament, rivalled only by G2's futile attempts to beat Mr Buffalo.

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SKT T1 versus G2 should be a lot closer though. The European team beat the Koreans twice in group stage but SKT T1 are started looking much stronger as the group stage's end drew closer while G2 are the exact opposite.


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