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League of Legends mobile is going live on Tencent's WeGame soon

Published: 12:58, 17 July 2019
Riot Games
Splash art for Thresh, the Chain Warden from League of Legends.
League of Legends - Thresh must be present for Worlds, the lantern plays are too precious to be left out

Tencent introduced the first-ever iteration of League of Legends on mobile devices through their streaming platform, WeGame. Unfortunately, it isn't all it's cracked up to be since you will still need to actually run the game from a PC.

League of Legends mobile has been officially announced but Riot Games are still far away from delivering an actually working product, or any product at all since no betas are even available yet.

Tencent's WeGame app offered not so much of a solution but rather an alternative in case someone feels like playing League of Legends while sitting on a couch in front of a TV and not in the room where their PC is. Maybe someone just likes getting wrecked because they are playing on a mobile phone while their peers are on PC but who are we to judge, right?

Anyway, WeGame streaming requires both the mobile device and the PC running League of Legends to be connected to the same WiFi network, which means we are still far away from playing League on the go or on sidewalks during lunch breaks.

All of this information came from the industry analyst, Daniel Ahmad. Technically, this method works for all the games in WeGame library but League of Legends certainly stands out. It's not an everyday occurrence that any sports event brings in 200 million concurrent viewers, let alone esports.

League of Legends did exactly that during 2018 World Championship finals and the vast majority of the viewers were from China. Considering their love of mobile gaming, it's understandable that some can't wait for the official League of Legends mobile version so Tencent's streamed version could potentially be a big hit.

Riot Games Picture of Graves and Twisted Fate with their pirate skins League of Legends - Twisted Fate and Graves

Considering that Teamfight Tactics is played out of the same client as League of Legends, players can stream it to their mobile device as well, which is much more of a viable game to play since it doesn't require as much mechanical prowess.

Ahmad , in fact, and it seems to be working just fine.

League of Legends - showcase of several champion splash arts

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League of Legends

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