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League of Legends is introducing a Parental Approval system

Published: 18:05, 16 May 2018
Riot Games
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If you're a League of Legends player from Europe that's younger than 16 years, you may be asked for parental permission by Riot Games in the future. These permissions requests will be handled via e-mail. What could go wrong, right?

In Riot Games' defence, this system was not their idea, but they have to do it in order to stay on good terms with the European Union. This bright idea, with fool-proof concept will require younger players to provide a permission from their parents if they want to keep playing League of Legends. 

The system is a direct result of EU's data privacy laws that affect video games and digital accounts, which means Riot Games, and therefore League of Legends have to obey them. If you're uncertain on the "why" of things, Riot Games have stated that they will post more info on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the days to come.

New players who are looking to create an account in League of Legends will need to have their parents sign off on their account. So, in order to play it, you will need to be older than 13 and if you're not 16 or older, you will need your parents to sign their compliance.

Or, here is a wild idea, you could work your way around the system. I mean, it's not exactly hard to lie about your age to a video game. This idea immediately popped up in the minds of pretty much anyone who read the announcement, with users on reddit even joking how League of Legends may see a surge of World War 2 veterans signing up for the game.

Another way of cheating the system would be to create two e-mails can claim that one of them is your parent's e-mail. When the confirmation comes, you click "Approve" or whatever the system demands and you're in.

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We honestly don't see how this system helps anyone, but there it is. Riot Games, and I'm sure many other developers and publishers, will have to abide by this law and introduce an obsolete system in order to comply with EU law.

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