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League of Legends lore is getting a novel adaptation in September

Published: 06:48, 22 March 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Ruination Baron
League of Legends - Ruination Baron

Though it may not be that obvious at first glance, lore is an extremely important part of the success of League of Legends. Now, that lore is getting turned into something new.

League of Legends lore is one of the things surrounding the game that is in constant flux, with Riot adding and subtracting from it as needed. A new skin line opens up a new alternate universe, while a new story may be the teaser for a new champion.

The one thing they will be unable to change, however, is the actual novel publication of the Ruination event. The novel surrounding the Ruination event will be published in September, as per Riot Games' announcement.

The Ruination event was the event that marked season 11 of League of Legends competitive play and revolved around the Ruined King, a mythical figure in the game, teased by his item for years, and his mad ambition to resurrect his dead wife, Isolde.

Riot Games A screenshot from a League of Legends video League of Legends: Sentinels of Light

Though his efforts have gone to waste with the Rise of the Sentinels, the fallout is massive, with Beings such s Thresh, Hecarim, Karthus and the Shadow isles in general gaining in power tremendously.

It's likely that we will be acquainted with other League of Legends champions in this novel, that are getting hit by the aftermath, such as those from Bilgewater that fight back against the Harrowing every year. Or perhaps we will follow the hunt for Thresh, who has become unbound. Whatever the case, it is sure to prove an exciting prospect and a step in the right direction for the game's lore.

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