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League of Legends is reworking Shaco again

Published: 13:46, 18 September 2019
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League of Legends Shaco splash art
League of Legends Shaco splash art

One of League of Legends' biggest jungle bullies of all time, Shaco, is getting another rework as Riot Games want to reinforce that archetype for the demonic jester. The changes are currently planned to go live in patch 9.20.

Riot Games are going to rework Shaco's abilities once again but this is not the full rework treatment. The clown's abilities will get different numbers and scaling for the most part but there are a few additional mechanics thrown into the mix.

According to Azubuike 'AzuBK' Ndefo-Dahl, Riot's game designer who is working on the Shaco changes, the jester's passive, Backstab, will amplify his attacks and spells further. It will provide bonuses to Shaco whenever he hits an enemy from behind. On basic attacks, it will add flat damage that can crit, Deceive will automatically crit for 130 per cent damage and Two-Shiv Poison will also deal additional damage on top of improving its slow debuff by 20 per cent.

Shaco's Deceive (Q) ability will make him even more annoying since he will be able to juke people for days with the shortened cooldown. To compensate, he will no longer reduce the cooldown further by 2.5 seconds after striking an enemy from behind.  Furthermore, stealth duration has been cut by one second while AP ratio has been removed. Bonus AD ratio is now lower while the base damage is higher in order to prevent Shacos going insane with Lethality stacking builds.

Jack in the Box (W) is a bit different and should help Shaco clear jungle camps faster as it now has AoE damage. It is lower than the regular Jack in the Box damage but on the bright side, if it's hitting only one target, the spell will retain its original damage numbers.

Riot Games A blind Shaolin monk is showing his kicking abilities as well as his six pack and pecs. Lee Sin used to be one of the best jungle bullies next to Shaco, back when jungle invasions were more prominent

AP Shacos will rejoice at the change of Twi-Shiv Poison since it's now back to magic damage once again. Gone are the days of investing in AP only to be wrecked my Magic Resistance and unable to counter it. Bonus AD scaling is now lower but base damage and AP scaling have been increased, opening the doors for AP clowns terrorising League's various maps once again.

Unfortunately, the burst damage on Hallucinate (R) is down overall so it's will be harder to use it to burst an enemy with the clone explosion. On the other hand, the triple Jack in the Box that spawns from the clown will get triggered immediately, fearing all nearby enemies more reliably.

You can check the exact numbers on AzuBK's tweet but keep in mind they are bound to change in the future as the champion gets refined before deployment to live servers.

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