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League of Legends is nerfing mobility in the next patch

Published: 07:26, 08 June 2021
Riot Games
League of Legends - Grey Warwick
League of Legends - Grey Warwick

Riot Games previously announced they would be reducing mobility in League of Legends across the board and the coming patch will have quite a few changes for the items that improve it.

Mobility plays a huge part when it comes to squishies' survival in League of Legends and with everyone being able to run at supersonic speed or jump around, damage dealers without innate mobility have a hard time if the team is not peeling for them. With the upcoming changes, the peelers will still have their job but it will be a bit easier for the backline to survive.

One of the biggest changes is that Stridebreaker will lose its dash, making bruisers put some work into chasing enemies down. If they do, however, they will have a better slow and damage from the active effect. Furthermore, you can now cast it while moving.

Heroic Gait will now offer 200 less HP, mythic passive will provide a two per cent MS increase per legendary and the passive will increase your speed by 20 instead of 30.

Trinity Force will also increase MS by 20 through passive but it will have five more AD.

Force of Nature will no longer stack MR and MS but it will heal eight per cent of your max HP over four seconds upon getting immobilised.

Black Cleaver stacks will now increase MS by 18, down from 5, and Dead Man's Plate will offer up to 40 MS. It will take only half the time to charge up though and it will have base AD scaling on the damage portion.

Death's Dance will no longer increase MS on takedowns but it will heal 50 per cent more.

Galeforce mythic will increase movement speed by two instead of three per cent but the item gets to retain the dash.

Prowler's Claw will now proc only on champions but the cooldown is now 90 seconds, up from 60.

Shurelya's Battlesong will now increase movement speed by 30 per cent at all times, with no decay.

Lich Bane will now have eight per cent MS increase, down from 10, but it will have 75 instead of 70 AP.

Similarly, Cosmic Drive will have more AP but will now have 20 MS at all levels instead of scaling up to 30.

Nimbus Cloak will now increase MS by 25 per cent, down from 35 per cent, in the highest bracket of Summoner Spell cooldown. In other words, less movement speed after Flash and TP.

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League of Legends

These changes are going up for testing in PBE cycle on June 8, 2021 , and are expected to arrive to live servers in the next balance pass.

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