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League of Legends is getting more items next pre-season

Published: 16:04, 25 September 2021
Riot Games
League of Legends - Rell, the Iron Maiden
League of Legends - Rell, the Iron Maiden

Riot Games revealed some of their plans for the next League of Legends season, including the attempt to shake up the meta with new items.

Mythic items significantly changed the nature of the shop in League of Legends and depending on who you ask, it was a massive success in refreshing the game or a bit of a failure to diversify character builds. Now it appears Riot is working on the latter part of that sentence as they are preparing to introduce more items in the next preseason.

Without revealing every possible detail, the devs offered teasers on what we can expect. For example, mages are getting a new defensive Mythic item that should help them against assassins as it will apparently provide damage reduction after being hit, albeit for a brief period of time. Furthermore, it will build with Lost Chapter and it will lose some offensive stats after the passive is activated so it's probably best to build it on long-range champions that avoid jumping into the heat of battle.

Tanks are getting an initiator Mythic item that will increase damage taken by all enemies around the user, provided they immobilise a champion first. This looks like it's going to be Malphite's best friend that will set up some of the most lethal wombo combos to date.

On top of that, tanks can look forward to a Legendary item that provides a bunch of mana and the ability to use the blue resource for shields whenever they slow or immobilise enemies.

Assassins are getting an odd Legendary that will provide ability haste and an effect that will refund a portion of the wearer's ultimate cooldown whenever a champion they damaged in the last three seconds dies.


League of Legends - showcase of several champion splash arts

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League of Legends

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