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League of Legends is Buffing Drakes Next Patch

Published: 02:59, 22 July 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Mountain Drake
League of Legends - Mountain Drake

Drakes are, currently, the most important neutral objective in the game, even more so than Baron Nashor. So, Riot are making them even give even better buffs.

Drakes are a staple of League of Legends, from the first days since Riot launched the game, with Dragons being in the place of today's elemental drakes.

In patch 12.14, we can expect to see some significant changes to drakes, including their buffs and how easy it is to actually claim them as objectives:

  • Mountain Drake -  6% Armor/MR --> 9% Armor/MR
  • Ocean Drake -  2% missing health per 5s --> 3% missing health per 5s 
  • Infernal Drake - 4% AD/AP --> 6% AD/AP
  • Hextech Drake -  6% AS and 6 Ability Haste --> 9% AS and 9 Ability Haste 
  • Cloud Drake -  3.5 slow resist & Out of Combat movespeed --> 7% Slow Resist and Out of Combat Movespeed 
  • Cloud Drake Soul -  50% on Ult cast of 6s --> 15% bonus movespeed and 50% on Ult cast for 6s

Riot Games League of Legends - Hextech Drake that is taking Bard's job away League of Legends - Hextech Drake

In addition to the increased buffs that the drakes give out, which will shift the meta towards bot lane even further, following the nerfs to teleport, drakes will also be easier to kill early game, with their damage taking a nerfs, as well:

  • Mountain Drake - Base AD Damage  150 --> 105
  • Ocean Drake - Base AD Damage  100 --> 70
  • Infernal Drake - Base AD Damge 100 --> 70
  • Hextech Drake - Base AD Damage  66 --> 47 
  • Cloud Drake - Based AD Damage 50 --> 35
  • Elder Dragon - Base AD Damage  150 --> 105

Furthermore, drakes will receive a mid-game buff to their health, once the map has transformed after the third drake has been slain. This will make getting the soul harder for the team that is ahead, and offer the losing team some reprieve.

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