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League of Legends: Gold items will be disabled in URF

Published: 03:03, 22 January 2021
Riot Games
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Riot Games announced that the next time URF becomes the featured League of Legends mode, it will have different ability cooldown mechanics, some items will be removed, champions will behave differently and some talents will be reactivated.

URF is one of the most popular featured game modes in League of Legends and the latest iteration will have a few nudges from the developers so it doesn't become a bad experience for the players.

First and foremost, there is the matter of cooldown reduction, which has technically been replaced by Ability Haste. Previously, URF offered 80 per cent cooldown reduction by default but it will now have 300 additional Ability Haste instead. This is equal to abilities having just 25 per cent of their normal cooldown, which is not as fast as before since this is equal to 75 per cent CDR.

That said, some mechanics are coming back since Lethal Tempo and Ultimate Hunter will be enabled. In the case of Lethal Tempo, it will be interesting to see ridiculous attack speeds champions can achieve and the Ultimate Hunter will now offer benefits for champions that have mana.

Speaking of which, mana gains will be converted into HP since nothing costs mana in URF. Mana points will be converted to HP at 40 per cent rate while mana regen will have 100 per cent rate. In other words, for every 2.5 points of mana, you will gain one HP while mana regen will convert in one to one ratio.

Meanwhile, gold generation items will be disabled in the mode since they impsoe minion gold penalties. This would be counter-productive, especially because URF matches are moving quickly and minions are worth more gold. Riot took care of this problem by not allowing players to fall into the gold trap.

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