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League of Legends EUW server reaches 3 million ranked accounts milestone

Published: 20:43, 25 October 2019
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League of Legends - At least Nemesis Jax has a real weapon.

Everyone knows League of Legends is big but numbers still surprise the game's audience from time to time. For example, one could be caught off guard with the information that EUW server has 3 million accounts in ranked play alone, almost twice the size of NA.

League of Legends is an extremely popular game, which means trackers for it are popular too. Arguably the biggest on is, which can tell players the ranks and other performance-related details of themselves and their teammates in real-time while loading a ranked game. That is only scratching the surface of's features though.

Another feature is that it tracks the total number of accounts that participated in the ranked play of the running season. At the time of writing, the was 3,003,492 for EUW server alone. For comparison, the other European server, EUNE, had just over 1.5 million ranked accounts in the same time frame.

The full list of servers' ranked, courtesy of , is as follows:

  • KR - 3,776,609
  • NA - 1,754,576
  • EUNE - 1,547,540
  • BR - 1,421,764​​​​

Considering North America is a geographically larger region and usually the bigger market in video games industry when compared with Europe, one could be confused with these numbers. There are indeed more European accounts in League of Legends but the difference is not as high as that in ranked accounts, as corroborated by a .

It's just that NA has a low rate of players interested in ranked matches. Meanwhile, Korea has the highest ranked involvement rate, with 16.69% players participating at the time.

League of Legends - showcase of several champion splash arts

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League of Legends

Keep in mind that this is a number of accounts that made it through the seeding matches, not the number of players. Smurfing is not an uncommon occurrence but it still looks impressive.

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