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League of Legends Eternals to go live in patch 10.5

Published: 13:25, 20 February 2020
Updated: 13:41, 20 February 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends - Eternals
League of Legends - Eternals

Riot Games are finally ready to put Eternals into League of Legends. Some of them will be available for purchase with just Blue Essence but the more advanced ones will require spending the premium currency, Riot Points.

League of Legends has regular stat trackers incorporated already. Everyone knows their rank, KDA and the like. However, more champion-specific stats are not tracked. For example, there is no way to track how many times you hit a long-range Enchanted Crystal Arrow that stunned enemies until kingdom come or how many times you didn't fail Condemn miserably.

That is what Eternals will be - fancy stat trackers that you pay for. They will be purchased on a per-champion basis and the initial ones can be acquired with Blue Essence.

However, if you want to track the more interesting stuff mentioned above, it is more likely to cost you some RP. Each champion will initially have three sets of Eternals. The basic set that you can buy with BE tracks things like takedowns, structures destroyed and epic monster kills.

The paid ones will track the stats unique to each champion. In the example of Brand, one Eternal will track the number of successful Sear (Q) stuns, amplified Pillar of Flame (W) damage triggers and Unstable Blaze passive procs.

Not everyone likes the addition of Eternals but keep in mind Riot Games stated there will be an option to completely mute them but even this comes with a hitch. If someone has an Eternal, you will be forced to see it along with all the assorted stats upon dying to that player. There is no way to mute this.

My own gripe with the system is that Riot decided to call one of Lee Sin's Eternals "Bycicle Kick". He is not kicking a ball and he is not kicking it over his head. The Eternal refers to kicking enemy champions towards Lee's team which usually happens after a display of great mechanics by combining Sonic Wave, ward hopping, flash and Dragon's Rage. 

If only such manoeuver had a name already .

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