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League of Legends COVID-19 charity fundraiser event is live

Published: 15:11, 26 June 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends champion Kennen splash art
Kennen should now be able to give Cho an X-ray, without the actual machine

Riot Games have introduced a new charity fundraiser event to the League of Legends client where you can support the global COVID-19 pandemic relief by buying an item that is marked with the Social Impact badge.

League of Legends has already raised over $630,000 for COVID-19 relief during their 48-hour long Mid-Season Streamathon. In addition, they have separately donated around $4.5 million to the global pandemic relief.

But they won't stop there as they've recently announced a charity fundraiser which will be part of the League of Legends client in the next four weeks. All of the income from the Nurse Akali, Kennen M.D., and Surgeon Shen skins, chromas, borders, and icon sets will be donated to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund at ImapctAssets, Riot's charitable financial partner.

Here is the complete list of the items you can buy to support the fundraiser:

  • Surgeon Shen skin
  • Surgeon Shen chromas
  • Surgeon Shen border and icon set
  • Nurse Akali skin
  • Nurse Akali chromas
  • Nurse Akali border and icon set
  • Kennen M.D. skin
  • Kennen M.D. chromas
  • Kennen M.D. border and icon set
  • From Akali with Love! emote
  • Megadonor bundle (includes all of the above plus an exclusive Megadonor icon)

League of Legends Shen splash art League of Legends Shen splash art Surgeon Shen - old splash art

The event is live now and it will run till July 23 2020. Once the event ends, all of the above-mentioned items, except the skins, will be removed from the shop. If you're having a hard time finding the items in the store, all the fundraiser-related features will be marked with a “Social Impact” badge.

All the raised money will provide financial help to those who’ve been impacted by the virus. The donations will also directly support pandemic relief by giving doctors, nurses, and other frontline workers the resources they need.

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