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League of Legends Challenges May bring More Toxicity to the Game

Published: 07:14, 29 May 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Challenges
League of Legends - Challenges

The, very much, hyped Challenges are finally here. But what does that mean for the player base, which always finds a way to invert even the most well-meaning of updates?

Challenges have been implemented in League of Legends with patch 12.9, and are now present in the game long enough for players to start forming opinions on them. And what we are seeing is not good.

Challenges are supposed to help tell a story of each player's League of Legends personal experience. What they've managed to accomplish, every small detail, during the hours they've put into the game. Unfortunately, some players take this to the extreme and abuse the Challenges system for their own benefit.

We've started seeing multiple accounts of players being held either held hostage in games that are already won by a premade party, which eventually leads to a loss, due to their allies trying to farm the Challenge of taking two Elder Drakes in one game, or those being soft-inted by their fed allies who don't want their unkillable Challenge to be ruined and stray away from fighting as to have no deaths.

Riot Games League of Legends - New Challenges overlay League of Legends - New Challenges overlay

Unfortunately, this was to be expected with the track record that the LoL player base has, with even Riot expressing their concerns over this exact issue years ago, when the old Client had an achievement tab with no achievements in it, an idea that RIot abandoned precisely so that players wouldn't have anything distracting them from having their primary goal be winning the game.

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