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League of Legends broke 50% of PC Bang traffic in Korea

Published: 02:20, 22 October 2019
Riot Games
A bunch of League of Legends champions fighting each other.
League of Legends

Korea has a great obsession with competitive video games so it's no wonder League of Legends is doing well there. However, did you know that during the 10 year anniversary events it accounted to more than half of all the games played in the country's PC Bangs?

PC Bang refers to Korea's internet cafes with additional benefits. For example, players can pay an hourly fee to play games on a PC but that's not where services stop. Apps for ordering food exist on these PCs and players can order food straight to their spot, without ever having to move. This is easily the biggest source of gaming in Korea.

According to a PC Bang tracker , via , Riot's behemoth accounted for 50.33 per cent of all the playtime in the LAN centres on 22 October 2019, five days prior to the actual anniversary. In other words, League of Legends saw more playtime than all the other games in existence combined.

Several of the so-called "League of Legends killers" turned out to be unsuccessful but still popular, at least compared to other games. For example, PUBG accounted for 9.12 per cent of the playtime in the same period while Overwatch stood at 6.71 per cent.

Starcraft's popularity in Korea seems to be the shadow of its former self, having placed 7th with just 2.33 per cent of total playtime. Interestingly enough, the game that is usually on top of revenue charts along with League, Dungeon Fighter Online, is also basically getting the scraps with 1.35 per cent traffic under its belt.

League of Legends - showcase of several champion splash arts

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League of Legends

Keep in mind that the tracker refers only to South Korea and does not reflect the popularity of games worldwide. Still, with League firmly planted in the hotbed of esports, it looks like something absolutely drastic will be needed to dethrone Riot's competitions as the biggest ones in the industry.

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