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League of Legends are buffing Twitch and Samira ults with patch 11.24

Published: 03:48, 08 December 2021
Riot Games
League of Legends - Twitch
League of Legends - Twitch

Is there anything more annoying than hearing the "I was hiding" voiceline in the middle of a teamfight? There is, getting 1v5 by Samira ult. Now Riot are buffing both of these abilities.

Twitch is an ad carry that you are either in love with or hate his guts. His gimmick of ambushing people makes him different from other ad carries that usually play front to back. However, recently he has been ineffective at his job due to the ease at which he can be killed, and the fact that, to proc his ultimate, he had to come far too close to enemy burst damage. Now that will all change.

"When Twitch uses his ult, his basic attacks become bolts that travel slightly farther than his attack range and deal damage to enemies in a straight path, similar to Kayle's passive. This distance also used to be a flat number and will now scale with his bonus attack range."

Hopefully, this will not become something abusable and will be a natural way of making Twitch effective at what he does, without making him overpowered.

Riot Games League of Legends - Samira League of Legends - Samira

And, speaking of hated and overpowered ad carries, Riot are making changes to Samira's ultimate. Her ultimate ability has been given a mana cost some time ago due to fear of it being used as an early wave clear, but that didn't seem to be an issue. So now, Riot are removing the cost altogether and making her ultimate just that more annoying than it already is.

"Few things feel worse than running out of mana for Samira's ult after getting all her passive stacks ready. This mana cost was originally designed to control her early wave clear, but since that hasn't really been a problem, it became the perfect opportunity to bring her back—in style."

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