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League of Legends AllStars event and voting dates revealed

Published: 21:18, 06 November 2020
Riot Games
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League of Legends fans are still cooling down from the Worlds 2020 hype but Riot Games already announced the details of the next thing to give us that dopamine hit - AllStars 2020.

AllStars 2020 will have a bit of a different format since Coronavirus is ruining everyone's day and players will not be able to travel to a single venue where all the action would happen. Instead, everyone will play at home and major regions will play against their adjacent, smaller ones.

Therefore, the Underdog Uprising show matches will happen as LCK will face off against Oceania and PCS while LPL will go up against VCS and LJL. Western regions will see LEC vs TCL and LCL while LCS will face off with LLA and CBLOL. In other words, we will not be getting the regular format where the four major regions will have a mix of players and have fun against each other.

On the other hand, we will get the Superstar Showdown that features these regions - LCK and LPL's most voted pros will face off in a best of three showdown and the same goes for LCS vs LEC. 

Riot Games noted that there will be some twists in both of these showdowns and non-standard match formats will take place. One twist that we do know is that most matches will have prize money on the line but it will all go to charity.

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Considering the players will not be able to attend a single venue physically, there is the question of ping. Riot Games will seek to mitigate this issue through picking a server for each match individually to minimise the impact but we are still going to see some of the drawbacks.

You can check out the full broadcasting schedule of the matches that will happen between December 18 and 20 on the official announcement page. Voting for the individual players will be happening between November 9 and 16, 2020.

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