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League of Legends 11.15 patch notes keep the equilibrium

Published: 01:27, 22 July 2021
Riot Games
Picture of Syndra from League of Legends
Syndra will not be getting the upper hand over Lulu after all

Nothing too wild in this patch— the drop to early sustain in a few places continues, then buffing up champions in places that are a little spicy and a lot of fun.

The first champion receiving buffs is Annie. For her, developers are focusing on her bread and butter in laning phase, which is her q, buffing its ap scaling from, 60 to 70 percent."The small pyromaniac and her bear are taking over Skilled play! Annie does well versus short-range characters, which are her more common match-ups, so we’re lowering her upfront burst damage and lane harassment."

Aurelion Sol is getting a nerf to his q cooldown. Other midlaner that will experience changes in this patch are Cassiopeia, Syndra, and Sylas. Cassiopeia and Sydra will be buffed giving them an edge in early laning, with base damage buffs and lowered mana costs respectively, with Sylas' damage and sustain taking a beating.

Of the toplaners, one notable mention is Mordekaiser. His w is getting a decreased cooldown, with a buff from 35 to 45 percent stored damage, making him more able to duke it out with other fighters in the lane.

Riot Games Picture of Mordekaiser splash art in League fo Legends League of Legends - Mordekaiser

Of all champion changes, Rumble is by far the one with most of them being implemented.

PASSIVE - JUNKYARD TITANUPDATED HEAT DECAY BUGFIX Fixed a bug where Rumble’s Heat would start decaying at inconsistent times instead of the intended 4 seconds,

NEW OVERHEAT CHECK Rumble now immediately Overheats upon reaching 100 Heat, instead of having a short window where multiple spells could be cast before Overheating,

UPDATED SHOP UNDO BUGFIX Rumble's Heat no longer resets to previous values when undoing shop purchases,

UPDATED TOOLTIP Now correctly indicates Overheat duration of 5.25 seconds (actual Overheat duration unchanged).

E - ELECTRO HARPOONUPDATED OUT OF RANGE BUGFIX Rumble no longer stops moving when targeting Electro Harpoon at extremely long distances.

Other champion changes are on the lighter side, focusing champions such as thresh or Nidalee, with minor adjustments to bring them down a notch or increase their overall performance.

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