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League of Legends 10.2 patch notes - more Aphelios nerfs

Published: 15:28, 22 January 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends - Aphelios
League of Legends - Aphelios

Riot Games released the League of Legends patch notes ahead of the update getting deployed to the game. Balance change highlights include even more Aphelios nerfs, Sona mobility buff, Trundle's steroids and a hit to ADC damage.

Aphelios found himself in the crosshairs of players who couldn't comprehend his kit properly and were therefore unable to counter the champion. Riot seems to concur with these notions for the moment as they throat punched the Lunari marksman by reducing damage and scaling on his Calibrum Q followup auto and increasing the ability's cooldown. This probably means sitting in the range of his turret will no longer be a death sentence.

It's not only Calibrum that got hit though - Crescendum's scaling with additional chakrams has been lowered so having 10 of them in the end game probably won't mean an auto-win in team fights. Severum's Q damage has been reduced along with scaling but the sustain side of the weapon was left untouched.

With great nerfs come great buffs. They are not for Aphelios though. Sona's E will now make Usain Bolt feel ashamed as her self speed buff was increased to 25 per cent with slightly better AP scaling. This is much better than the previous speed boost that increased over ranks, with 14 per cent when maxed out.

Sona isn't the only one who's been hitting 'roids. Trundle's movement speed increase from W has been buffed from 20/25/30/35/40 per cent to 30/35/40/45/50 per cent. In other words, rank 3 of Frozen Domain will now boost him as much as it would at max rank previously. His Ice Pillar (E) will also apply a more significant slow, increased by five per cent on all ranks.

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League of Legends

Marksmen didn't exactly get crippled but the nerfs to Cloak of Agility (20 per cent critical chance instead of 25) and Stormrazor (lost five attack damage) should make their scaling a bit harder.

These are the highlights but you can check out the full patch notes on .

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