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LCS will not remove import rule in the foreseeable future

Published: 23:28, 01 June 2021
Riot Games
League of Legends - Sett
League of Legends - Sett

North American League of Legends esports organisations are lobbying for the removal of the import rule but it looks like Riot Games are not having any of it.

Major regions in League of Legends esports have their more localised rivalries with China and Korea usually duking it out while North America and Europe have it in for each other. This second group has seen more discrepancy in recent years, partially because Europe keeps cultivating talent and NA just keeps buying established players who often fail to perform soon after.

However, organisation owners in NA wanted to lean into that strategy further by pressuring Riot into removing the rule that limits the number of imported players a single team can have. Meanwhile, an overwhelming majority of fans from NA and abroad have been against the rule's termination as they want to see NA grow as a region instead of serving as a retirement home with a good payout.

Thankfully, Riot Games are not even entertaining the possibility of removing the rule and the latest confirmation is coming from Upcomer's interview with the company's head of NA and OCE esports, Chris Greeley .

He confirmed that virtually no one at Riot is advocating the removal of the rule even though they had numerous long talks with organisation owners.

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League of Legends

 In other words, there will be no quick ways to the glory that owners seem to desire and healing NA as a region will be a lengthy process through building the infrastructure that will allow young talent to have an opportunity at reaching the major leagues.

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