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New Layers of Fear 2 trailer reveals setting and story details

Published: 11:59, 21 January 2019
Bloober Team
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Layers of Fear 2

Layers of Fear 2 will put players in the shoes of a star Holywood actor who takes on a movie role that's being filmed on a mysterious ship in the middle of Atlantic Ocean. Instead of paintings, the sequel will use cinema to tell the story.

Bloober Team have shown off a new trailer for their upcoming psychological horror Layers of Fear 2. In the sequel, players will explore the mysteries of a lonely ship in the middle of Atlantic Ocean.

The main protagonist will be a star Holywood actor struggling with past trauma, while he prepares for one of the most important roles of his lifetime. He was offered the role by a "famously eccentric director" and the movie is filmed on a ship where strange things start to happen soon after the actor arrives.

According to the developer, the story will be a search for true identity. "When you spend your life portraying other people, there is always a risk of losing yourself in the process," Bloober Team explained.

Instead of paintings which were used as a narrative medium in the original, Layers of Fear 2 will utilise the history of cinema to deliver its story. The trailer also shows some scares in the vein of those in the original, which suggests that the sequel will follow the same physiological horror formula.

Voice artist and character actor Tony Todd, known for his roles in Candyman, Platoon and as a voice of the Fallen in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, will narrate Layers of Fear 2 and you can check out his deep, creepy voice in the trailer.

The publisher Gun Media also shared developer video in which the game's lead designer and producer Bartosz Kapron talks about the inspiration behind Layers of Fear. Kapron said that the team aimed to create "dark and claustrophobic corridors" and a "shifting environment" while offering multiple story layers.

Bloober Team picture showing a bar Layers of Fear 2

According to art director Mateusz Lenart, the visual styles of cinema helped the studio "enrich the franchise" and take it in a new direction. Unfortunately, there is still no specific release date and the only information is that Layers of Fear 2 will come out sometime in 2019.

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