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Observer System Redux dev posts unreleased interview with Rutger Hauer

Published: 06:58, 16 October 2020
Bloober Team
Observer System Redux screenshot showing robots
Observer System Redux

In anticipation of Observer System Redux's impending launch for PS5 and Xbox Series X, developer Bloober Team posted an unreleased interview with the late great Rutger Hauer.

It doesn't take much research to see a glowing connection between Poland and cyberpunk as a genre, with Cyberpunk 2077 practically being merely the tip of the iceberg. It takes even less to find the connection with Hauer, whose performance in Blade Runner is a thing of legend. 

Having worked with him on Observer, a glorious psychological horror game that for yours truly epitomises much of what cyberpunk is about. And, dare we say it, not many actors could infuse so much character into so few lines, which is why we were delighted with the interview and Hauer's take on the game. 

"We hired an icon but worked with a friend", they wrote. "Rutger Hauer. The legendary Roy Batty, the symbol of raw, dark cyberpunk. Without his participation in the project, Observer would not have become what it is."

Whether you like game development, have a taste for cyberpunk, or are thinking about acting or voice acting, there's no doubt this is an interview you won't be sorry you listened to. 

The late actor joined up with Bloober Team for the 2017 release of Observer, but unfortunately won't be there to see the release of Observer System Redux, the updated version with more story content and enhanced visuals. 

Thankfully, Bloober Team are huge fans as well and claim they never considered using another actor. "Instead, we’ve been working with what we had in our archives. After all, we see his game also as a sort of a tribute to him", they wrote and we sincerely, wholeheartedly applaud the team's decisions. 

Observer System Redux releases on November 10 for PC and Xbox Series X, with PlayStation 5 version coming on November 12, 2020. 

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