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God of War new footage shows Kratos fighting a humongous troll, looking as glorious as ever

Published: 10:50, 04 April 2018
God of War game protagonist with scarce armor holding an axe
God of War

As we draw closer to the day Kratos takes his first public steps into the new, Nordic-inspired world of God of War, Sony is slowly teasing us with new gameplay videos and the last one really looks splendid, as Kratos battles a huge troll.

Now, Kratos has never shied away from taking on bigger guys to a duel and even though the latest God of War baddie is far from its protagonist's largest opponent, it sure looks as grand as any of them.

Sony Kratos in his norse boat with his son, on some river. God of War

The developers pointed out that there are more than one trolls in the new God of War, each one having his own background story. Even more so, the trolls actually have their own language and even historical background of how they've fallen from grace of gods, so no God of War detail seems to have gone unattended.

As you can see, Kratos is using all the newly added tricks of the trade, throwing his axe around and using his shield to protect himself in the meantime. Even though the new God of War allows for shield bashing as well, we doubt it would've harmed the little fellow, which is most likely the reason why it wasn't used there.

SIE Mocap actors being filmed for God of War God of War - Motion Capture process with Kratos' Voice actor Christopher Judge

Kratos' new fighting is a result of meticulously designed fighting style, tailored to go hand in hand with the God of War's apparent bloodlust in a way where . Indeed, his fighting style reflects this, always focusing on forward momentum.

The new seems to be right at home in the new setting and although it's still too early to compare it with the rest of the God of War franchise, we will say this - the new Kratos is immensely more satisfying to watch than any of its predecessors.

Sony A man with a shield facing away from the camera God of War

Indeed, the developers made sure that camera is as cinematic as ever and it shows - the new God of War flows seamlessly from scene to scene and it all just feels incredibly at home.

God of War is on track for 20 April 2018 launch, but we're sure we'll be seeing more sneak peeks by then so stay tuned.

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